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Wondering how Rikka knows so much about how to raise your abundance frequency? 

Because she has been through it BIG TIME – Not kidding!   

She shares how she went from being so deep in endless debt and energetically buried in lack … to making millions and living her abundant dream life. 

Just 8 years ago, she was $80,000 dollars in debt, working tirelessly to make ends meet. She dug herself into such a huge hole that she felt like there was absolutely no way out. 

Abundance was what she wanted most, while she was living a life full of lack. Sound familiar? She knew there was something keeping her from receiving the wealth she desired. 

Through research, learning, and growing, she discovered that she was being vibrationally weighed down by limited financial anchors she couldn't even see… 

These anchors were keeping her from the awareness and vibration. She realized she needed to shift her situation. 

When she figured out how to identify and release them, she also learned how to raise her energetic vibration to abundance – and as she stepped into the highest echelons of love and joy, everything unlocked for her. 

Now you might be thinking… Well that’s Rikka. It probably does not apply to me. Not true my friend… this process works on everyone - it’s a frequency thing!  

Together with Rikka, you will begin to raise YOUR Abundance Frequency Score™ so you can achieve limitless wealth, joy and abundance!

VIB Membership

VIB Membership

Hello, you beautiful, perfect, infinite being, full of infinite energy! Would you like to spend time every week with Rikka? Would you like to connect to a community of like-minded peers who are committed to living in Oneness, expanding Consciousness, and restoring their natural state of Bliss, Joy and Ecstasy?


You (yes, YOU!) are invited to join Rikka in the Adventure in Oneness™ membership site, where every week you can open even more to infinite possibilities and infinite choice to be anything in any moment! Oh, yeah… and have a blast doing it!

Unlocking Family Programming

Unlocking Family Programming

Are you willing to release the content of your past and truly be free? Are you willing to be fully YOU and live completely in your knowing?
We have all grown up in some sort of family ‘group’, surrounded by people who might love us, but who may not have known how to express that love in meaningful ways and sometimes have even hurt us. 

Self Love Mastery Sales

Are you ready to have a life where you are loved BEYOND MEASURE?

Are you ready for the success that self-love creates in all areas of your life- career, relationships, and money?

If you’re ready to live a life filled with everything beautiful – love, gratitude and abundance - one where you are fully present and feeling completely loved in every moment…



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